The new horizons of Social Media Marketing amidst COVID-19

“Not everyone is excited about being indoors, but everyone seems to enjoy the trends at social media!”

This is something no one can underestimate. Everyone has been locked up inside for almost half of this year so far and not even once they’ve not complained about how it doesn’t really suck. To be fair, COVID-19 has closed major doors for brands that entirely depended on regular market sales but it has opened windows of social media or digital media engagement for them. As people have been spending a tremendous amount of time with their phones, even though the economy has gone down, their desire to fit in with the trends have consistently been revived.

Listed below our some major changes that happened to the brands due to COVID-19 which enchanted their social media marketing strategy:

Going Online:
It’s true that many brands tend to believe in the traditional way of selling and attracting customers but COVID-19 has made them realise, it’s not sustainable to be available only on offline trends. Thus many new brands, traditional, local, small and even big brands with less digital media existence have begun to acknowledge the power of online sales, especially social media. It’s pretty easier as it doesn’t require an entire line of staff dedicated to the marketing and sales purpose, although if you do have one, it’s just a cherry on top of an already iced cake.

Following/creating trends:
Most social media trends have been a huge way of attracting the audience and turning it into a consistent consumerism. Brands like Bingo have taken live session trends to another level by using it to make people connect with stars like Ranveer Singh directly. Some more brands have shown a variety of different new trends that has made us all swoon over their strategies.

Recently the most illuminating way of enhancing a brand and its product has surfaced using the age old method of collaborations. Using various influencers and already established brands, these new launches have made excessive growth and customers. Being lockdown, people have got plenty of time to brace their talents and specialities and brands have used this to their fullest too.

Cheapsake paid ads:
As lockdown gave many influencers time to introspect their horizon, it so happened that a rise in number of influencers have occured all of a sudden and it made the prices of paid promotions of brands go down. As the ads began to get cheaper, the variety of ads people see became very vast. It had to happen because brands pay very limited amount to their freelancers, and when they’re getting the same number customers from another influencer at a cheaper rate, why won’t they reach upto them?

Geography barriers? What are they?
Well, the world faced this crisis together and it made it very clear that whatever happens, as long as we don’t stand in long ques to reach upto Denmark to buy an expensive line of a brand that’s not available in our country, it’s fine if we stay indoors with our pockets locked. So when social media grew wider in the marketing trend, it easily removed one barrier and that was the exchange of information within countries on a wider level. This made brands make their name in different geographical areas as they had plenty of time to invest. So if we see on the bright side, once the lockdown of transportation is lifted, these brands are going to make huge lump sum dollars, pounds, euros and even rupees!

So, to categorizes these all points, as the investment of time increased on social media, brands also became more and more invested in their promotions and marketing strategies using these platforms. A total of 70% hike was observed in Facebook’s daily engagement reach, while around 85% hike was observed in Instagram.

These were some clear reasons why brands all of a sudden went Online during COVID-19. These brands focused on increasing engagement rather than selling everything they had on their shelves. It was easier to hold customers as shipping was stopped, but it was even better that these customers were attracted to these brands because of their trends and strategies.

When life gives you lockdown, utilize it for online classes!

The techie world seems fun, but its the most coherent at times. To be honest, Lockdown 2020 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus was an issue the world faced together, it was meant to be favored. It started out as a season of deep regrets and restrictions as soon as the lockdown got announced but later it became the trend that most people adjusted to easily. Even amidst the lockdown, the creative minds kept on utilizing their unfathomable aesthetic sense to innovate new trends, bring up ways to glorify social distancing, increase the number of people participating in online and web portal blogging, vlogging, live streaming, creating content, being productive, gaming, etc.

people began to learn stuff online majorly cooking, dance, playing musical instruments, and being introverts. As the lockdown reached the second phase, most people had already begun to utilize their time, some went for online classes, while others went on to boost up their skills and showcase it to the world. Artists for artist moments and different creative pages began to pop up every now and then to celebrate the diversity unified amidst the lockdown.

But, one of the most important things that led the lives of students, in particular, was the innovative way of teaching, the amplified form of virtual classes—Online classes.

It might not feel real, but it was worth it.

Now, virtual classes would mean it would term everything to a different world, but to be exact, it was nothing different than the real world. Unlike the usual online classes, these classes had teachers who have been teaching these students for quite some time, the timings were set either by the university or by the teacher, and the class included all the known faces that these students had been studying with for their previous classes or in the opaque world.

Now, to accommodate so many students together via a video conference gave a boost to applications like skype and the Zoom meeting app. Finally, during the classes, it didn’t seem much awkward because the faces were all similar, rather it began a spot to feel free and interact while learning. The classes began to prosper as the teachers and students got their daily syncs back on track.

Speak, listen, question and repeat

But, as we all know, a student might be mentally mature and way too smart for their age, but they definitely are kids when it comes to their heart. While there were kids who were willing to put their heart and soul out in the discussions and gain the most profit, there also were students who had no idea what was going on, who had no clue, why, how, and what were the topics being discussed. Their job turned out to work as the source of entertainment for the others. It wasn’t long before it began to get distracted and less funny, but these kids at heart kept trying their best to utilize every single word the teacher taught and every single pun the classes witnessed.

Online classes were a way to keep the students on track with their studies, somehow it was fruitful, somehow it lacked the reality that a kid seeks from a classroom but somehow it was better than the video tutorials we unnecessarily pay for.

Hat-trick rule, is it?

Delhi Elections insights and evaluations!

With Arvind Kejriwal’s return, Aam Admi party seems to be set with its hat-trick rule. It would be the third time continuous rule of Kejriwal to be able to serve the people of Delhi if we believe the exit polls review.

Not many people have been in favour of the elections through the EV machines but even though it seems to have been a very high chances of a win win for AAP. Honestly, I feel even though public say that it’s a victory of the poor, I believe it’s actually good for all. It doesn’t really matter how crazy it sounds but taxpayers need to understand, what they’re doing is going to be a security kind of thing for the future of their own kids and even for them.

Even if we keep aside these facts as of yet, I feel BJP is not the kind of government Delhi could handle based on its current situation. JNU students have been facing a very hard time and so are their families and their’s no way they will feel at ease, at peace while facing BJP as their leader.

Whatever has been the stats for the past years, if we closely look its growth is 50% while its decline is 50% too. Its growth is partially in the sector of removing poverty, developing a better and stabilized economy which certainly is the concern of the hour. But we can’t neglect the backside of the story where the rape, brutality, offensive acts have grown too far.

The manifesto alone had not been a good representation of the new world that BJP was willing to build for the people of Delhi. They had been going literally astray from what they had proposed. Kejriwal’s Aap on the other hand had again used a single term and had meant it, “Kaam!” Or getting work done. It has been proven by him in the earlier scenario that his manifesto is capable enough to bring development in physical terms for the land of Delhi, and virtual terms for the growth in economic, environmental sectors. He has freed bus charges for the women, but the sense of security still remains foreign to all the women. Although I think, the center is also not sure of his side on National Registration of Citizenship or the Citizenship Amendment act of 2019.

The confusing trial of the government and the misleading statements, the false accusations and a lot has been very vividly and even openly at times have been displayed by the different parties.

“Be it his false promises or advertisements about hollow development; be it standing with anti-nationals or his conspiracy to stoke violence; Kejriwal has been exposed. Delhi is with the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has enhanced the country’s prestige,” – J P Nadda said in a statement.

Why? I mean, when there are so great and amazing topics to be addresses to, why would someone, who is sure to be representing a party, would give such statements keeping the real issues aside. Let alone the JNU violence, even Nirbhaya’s rape victims have been testing the patience of Delhi, why the hell would someone rather than making the CM go crazy over this fact, use the other bull shit taunts?

I feel these people have been pulling legs of each other, and that’s what’s not acceptable. Unless our governments decide to sync in and stop these abusive behavior and focus on what really matters, it’s not going to work out for Delhi, let alone India.

Focusing entirely on Kejriwal, money control quoted, “This time around, the party has emerged more confident, backed by the work that they have done in the last five years. This includes subsidised electricity bills, 20,000 litres of water free, free tickets for women in DTC buses as well as the metro, Mohalla clinics among other things. Although, the ruling government has seen shortcomings in fulfilling promises on increasing the fleet of public transport, which remains a major issue, as does dealing with the issue of garbage disposal. The BJP and the Congress have attacked the Kejriwal-led AAP government on the quality of water, installation of CCTV cameras and the deteriorating air quality in the capital city, but the chief minister’s comebacks have seemingly outwitted the Opposition, especially on social media. From an anti-corruption crusader, to a chief minister running for a second term, Kejriwal has come a long way.”

SHEPUBLIC: The free tri-colored Womaniya

Let me ask you, do you feel safe while going out? Do you feel safe when you hear foot steps approaching you on an empty road? Do you feel comfortable while sitting in a shared cab? Why? When we portray our mother India, she is a free woman draped in a tri-colored Saree, so why are we, her own daughters afraid of her own sons? Why should we be? Maybe we hesitate because, log kya sochenge? Or maybe, Log kya kahenge? Maybe we feel scared because, beti, be polite, you’re a girl. So let me whisper it and tell you now what every damn girl wants to yell to world, I’m the last piece of ash that just won’t stop trying, I can turn myself into fire anytime.

So India became independent, we got our own republic more than half a century ago and our constitution celebrated its 71st birthday this year. But the most important news even on that day was Nirbhaya’s rape culprit’s mercy plea to the Supreme Court. The incident took place when I was in my early teens, now I’m entering my early twenties and yet the justice has not been served, rather people are asking her parents to let go of the fact and forgive the assassins of the pride and freedom of their daughter.

Rj Ananya from Lakecity Voice (IP Radio), introduced this amazing word to the youth called, shepublic. She emphasizes on how we fear the safe return of our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters or any lady at any hour of the day because not even a single day born is safe currently in this cruel world.

Listen to what Rj Ananya has to say about SHEPUBLIC

Since the beginning of time, its proven people have lived in a Male-dominated society. I don’t feel harassed over the fact, yet I don’t feel at ease either. I mean not that I’m not concerned but I’m more worried. Why? Because if we talk about our culture in particular, woman is pulling down woman. The jealousy factor has been a major problem of us the womaniya, but now getting fame and recognition by making stupid comments and stating wrong facts have also become a reason why woman don’t stand with one another.

In the words of Eleanor Roosewelt, “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” And we all know, Laxmi Agarwal proved it by winning her fight over her acid attack incident that could only destroy her face not her worth. Is it really this hurtful for men to be rejected or turned down?

The concept of SHEPUBLIC demands the rights, the safety, the security and the worth of oneself to be known to all. After all, even if a woman is another woman’s greatest enemy, she still is the biggest supporter. A small lyrical that I wrote for the IP radio, Lakecity Voice, in the same frame of mind can actually be used to justify the concern behind this concept.

Shhh, you’re a girl, be low – be polite!

What I’m scared of should not be your worries, right?
Why I’m crying should not be worth your thoughts, right?
Who made me uncomfortable should not be your problem, right?

But what if it’s someone whose skin is rough and tough like you?
What if it’s someone whose eyes get wider when I pass by?
What if it’s someone whose whistle begins to slip because I’m around?
What if it’s someone whose heart skip beats and hormones run wild just because I’m living my life peacefully?

What if it’s the guy you smiled at an hour ago, who’s now standing right beside me in a metro station?
What if it’s the guy you crossed paths with this morning, who’s now sitting beside me in a bus?
What if it’s the guy you just saw in the mirror who’s mind is going nuts because I’m wearing a Salwar suit on a lonely street?
What if it’s you?

Why should I take your helping hand?
Why should I smile at you for being kind to me?
Why should I feel safe just because you look innocent?
Why should I call you for help when another one, just like you, is also following me?
Who should I trust among the two of you?
Who should I turn to, to be less harmed?
Who should I surrender to be in a lesser mess?
Who should I use pepper spray on to fight my fears?

But how do I know, not both of you want to rip me off and lay your hands on every ounce of my body?
How do I know, neither of you carry the same intention?
How do I know, wheater in an hour I’ll be home safely or I’ll be lying burnt in the same street after being molested by my own trust and humanity?

So stop asking me what makes me look pale,
Because what I’m scared of should not be your worries! Right!

My wings are mine, stop pulling out my feathers I can’t live without

Let me ask you, do you feel safe while going out? Do you feel safe when you hear foot steps approaching you on an empty road? Do you feel comfortable while sitting in a shared cab? Why? When we portray our mother India, she is a free woman draped in a tri-colored Saree, so why are we, her own daughters afraid of her own sons? Why should we be?

Maybe we hesitate because, log kya sochenge? Or maybe, Log kya kahenge? Maybe we feel scared because, beti, be polite, you’re a girl. So let me whisper it and tell you now what every damn girl wants to yell to world,

I’m the last piece of ash that just won’t stop trying, I can turn myself into fire anytime.

Now, whether you get it or not, it’s the Shepublic hour already. It’s now, the time for the free tri-colored womaniya to rise and reign.

Swipe it, Before it wipes you!

Do you understand the reason behind the Swatch Bharat mission and the award for the cleanest city? It is based on the concept of the heavy competition that every Indian citizen have in their blood and thus, the municipal corporation and our government came up with such a great idea.

Let’s clean what we can, let’s save what we can..!

Bhopal Utsav mela, beautiful from the outside, the truth might shock you though!

Being happy and peaceful is next to being at ease with nature and environment. For years, students across all over the country have been a part of the good deeds we do to protect our nature and conserve our environment. Youth has always been happily active in this field, after all in some years, we’ll be the one facing the consequences. To keep this little thought in mind and act accordingly is what being a true human living on this planet is about.

We tend to be really helpful towards social activities when we see profits in it but even then we don’t tend to get involved the way we are supposed to. We forget, today the plastic that we are throwing is someday going to be the first thing to work against the natural laws of sustainability in our environment. Is it really this hard to just use a dustbin? Is it really this tough to water a plant rather than wasting it? Is it really tough to contribute a few minutes in the development of our own green-city?

It is not and this is what we are here to understand. It’s really simple and easy to avoid the hazardous future we are walking towards with blinded eyes. It’s said precautions are better than cure but still, India’s capital now has oxygen chambers charging Rs.300 per hour to help people breathe. So where does our precautions actually failed that with such a blessed environment, we still ended up needing to find cure? If we single handedly talk about India, it’s so much more rich in natural resources than other countries, yet we fail at the concept of sustainable development. Coming to Bhopal, I happen to wander around the entire city, as the route from my house to college is around an hour long. During the morning hours, I happen to hear the Nagar Nigam van chirp up at every 5 minutes intervals at different places. That’s the initiative taken by the government and even if it’s a hot sunny morning or a misty winter morning, they still come to our doors to collect what we call, waste. Well, if we just take 2 minutes out of our lovely sleep time, we might end up with a greater amount of contribution to the cleanliness of our society.

Do you understand the reason behind the Swatch Bharat mission and the award for the cleanest city? It is based on the concept of the heavy competition that every Indian citizen have in their blood and thus, the municipal corporation and our government came up with such a great idea. Although we were able to stand out in the past 2 years as the cleanest capital, our charts had also fallen down drastically when it came to cleanest city.

The reason? – We don’t have proper waste management.

Taking small steps at one time can help us solve this problem very easily. So, when you wake up tomorrow, turn off the tap while brushing, dump your wet waste from kitchen separately from dry waste, respond to the door to door waste collecting van, maybe avoid using plastic and reusing what is actually reusable.

Plastic causes a very harmful effect on our body as well. With every 1 bowl of noodles, you take in 2-3% of plastic and at an average a normal human consumes more than 5% plastic everyday. The plastic water bottles also have expiry date just because they’ll turn hurtful for our body and its development. If you’ve got water that you don’t need, rather than throwing it, help a plant grow. Simply use the water to water it and let it grow. The slums in our country don’t get proper water, so stop wasting every single drop.

Dosen’t it feel like high time already?

Joining hands in order to establish a green and clean city is not a choice but a moral obligation and somewhere our heartfelt duty that we must look up to. A few days back, in the annual carnival at Dushera Maidan, I happen to see people using dustbin very actively. It sure was a good sight, until I noticed it wasn’t a dustbin but a tin can supporting a little tree. Now it became a little confusing for me. Was I supposed to be proud that citizens are using a dustbin or was I supposed to be disheartened on the fact that the dustbin is actually home to an under-growing tree and the people were being so irresponsible towards it?

This is where we need to take a stand. We are here to support our own future and that too in a sustainable way, thus even though the mistake was a little too overdone, we still know that the city is ready to take down the problem of waste management all together. All we need is a little patience, a better and focused mindset and a little more responsive nature. And as it is said, every new thing starts from home so if we treat this city as our home, we would be able to achieve all our city related goals.

So it’s high time that you ask yourself, is just a bottle of plastic enough for you to trade your future with? Don’t answer others, answer yourself and then make others answer themselves too, only than shall we be able to outlive the growing threat on our environment and be at ease with it. Let’s be happy together, let’s breathe peacefully in natural air.

Where Fantasy meets reality: JLU, the beginning!

“A part of being alive is learning to move on!” Keeping this in mind and wearing a different color eyeliner for the very first time, I took my first bus to Jagran Lakecity University. The shades of black and white seemed to outshine me, the little grey bird. Choosing the second seat, and making sure I protect myself from ever foreign invader of my privacy, I put on my saviors, which were actually every single person’s savior, a pair of compulsions for every ride, the earphones. Well, they sure did block all the bad vibes, after all, school had me tied up with insecurities, but I was hoping JLU would be different.

After around 20 full length songs, I finally decided to ask someone, “how far more?” And with the utmost beauty and grace, google maps replied “25 minutes”. Every single minute was getting on my nerves. I was a media student and trust me, I was not scared of anything, but the silence in the bus made everyone seem so unknown and unfamiliar yet the most professional. Everyone was busy either on their phones, or completing their disturbed nap. I, on the other hand was wondering around. For a girl like me, getting to travel in a bus, at 8 in the morning, around the lakes and forest was just like a dream. Why wouldn’t it be? I had to travel an hour and 45 minutes through this new and untamed world and step into another new universe which in itself seemed like a mysterious mess.

Trees on the either side of the trails, the opposite onset of Kaliyasot dam and an unexpected swift turn by the most furious driver I had ever seen brought me out of the fussiness and alerted me about the arrival of my destiny.

The bus drove furiously into the secluded lane of forest and hills that had iron net barriers at either sides to protect tigers from visiting us and a sign board at every 10 steps reminding us about their presence, my heartbeat had already reached its epitome. But, I guess I was wrong. It wasn’t the epitome yet, the epitome was when the huge gates of the university opened, just like the gates of a palace, both on the either sides, as if the Gurukul from Mohobbatein had shot its introductory scene right here. My eyes had been blinded by what came next. The trail of willow trails along sides of the way, and if you’ve ever seen Love 020, the chinese drama, you sure do know the feeling of butterflies that make you go crazy and bring an instant smile at your face. But the whole world knows the attraction point of the university, its pyramid. Standing not much far from the parking, the modern Egyptian architecture was an eye catcher. And as mesmerizing it was from outside, the same it was, from inside. From smiling faces of the guards to the smiling faces of people behind the student service cell desk and finally seeing people apart from the shades of black and white, everything told me just one thing, this is where I belong.

So not taking much of the air conditioned aura, I stepped out from the back of the pyramid, which was actually the way to the Media building. Again, the palm trees covering both side of the walking lane, the huge grounds at either sides and the camping feel giving canteen kept on making me lose attention over the songs my earplugs had been helping me with. It was as if I had stepped into the imaginary world of my novels, it was as if fantasy has already met reality. It was the beginning of JLU for me. And it sure was different.